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Are you looking to open a general store for your dropshipping business? Well, you came to the right place! We are here to share some useful tips on how to launch your general store specifically for dropshipping.

The benefits of having an online store is that you don’t have to choose just one product to sell or even choose one product category to sell.

A general store allows you to sell any trending product that you see. This means you can even reach a wider audience!

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However, one thing to keep in mind is that a general store is going to be more work on your part since you will need to cover more products, find high quality images for all of your products and keep up with trending products.

Keep in mind that since you will be targeting numerous audiences, advertising will need to be increased and continuously finding new target markets.

Review Competition

The first tip is to look at other general e-commerce stores to get an idea and inspiration as to how those stores are run.

Review what you like about their stores, what is working and how they describe and layout all their products, so you have an idea of how you want to create your store. 

Choose a Theme

When on Shopify, look through the themes they offer and make sure that you use a theme that is optimized to host multiple categories of products instead of ones that are made to only feature one product.

Filter the themes as “great for large inventories” on Shopify as the first step. You will need ones that can feature mega menus, advanced product filtering and search to get started.

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Come Up With a General Store Name

It is important that your ecommerce dropshipping store has a common name instead of being something niche focused. You do not want to put a product into the name of your online store, like Everyday Jewelers, because then it may come off that you are only selling jewelry.

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General store good name example
Be Strategic With The Suppliers You Work With

Since you will be selling more products on your ecommerce store, that means you will be working with multiple suppliers. This can be difficult since all suppliers may have varying delivery times. With RondeVu, you can easily fulfill orders with just one click with multiple suppliers!

So, the only thing you need to make sure of is that your supplier is verified by AliExpress, which you can also check on RondeVu

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Update Your Shipping and FAQ Pages

Make sure that you include an updated delivery window since you are working with multiple suppliers. Let your customers know that they will be receiving multiple packages with various items since it is shipping by availability.

Check Winning Products Daily

Since you have a general store, you can add in more trending products since you are not focused on just one niche. Under Trending Products on RondeVu, you can see growing trends and the growth of popularity of products daily, weekly and monthly.

This way you can be ahead of trends before they occur. When you see an eye-catching new trending product, then you can import it to your store and begin selling the new item.

Test Products

Lastly, always make sure to test your products. Once you begin selling the product and build marketing around the product, see how your audiences respond to the item.

Is the product selling as quickly as other items in your store? Track the analytics and make sure that they are tracking.

You can even send out email marketing campaigns to customers that have previously bought from your store to let them know you have added new products. 

If you have more questions on how to find trending products, reach out to customer support at RondeVu!

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