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Imagine you have a lot of orders for a specific product but the supplier suddenly runs out of stock? You can now easily switch to a different supplier within seconds!

How to change the supplier:

  1. Go to My products
    Click additional menu on the product you want to change the supplier for
    Choose “Change Supplier”
  1. Paste the AliExpress link to a product from the new supplier or insert AliExpress Product ID
  1. Find the variant of the product you want to change supplier for (you have the option to order different variants from different suppliers).


  1. Drag and drop a chosen product from the “New Supplier” column to “Current Supplier”.
    Click Save.
  1. Choose orders with which statuses you want to update accordingly
  1. “Migration Success” Notification will appear.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support via chat or!

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